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The mission of IEOS is to improve our knowledge in the fields of Endocrinology (Endocrine disruptors in endocrine and metabolic diseases; Genomics and epigenomics of diabetes; Interactions between the energetic/nutritional state and the immune system) and Oncology (Molecular mechanisms regulating the differentiation and transformation of the cells). Our aim is to favor strong synergies among the different themes to create opportunities for translational biomedical research.

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June News

Posted on Jun 12 by admin
In ricordo della Prof.ssa Maria Stella Carlomagno     18 Luglio 2018 ore 9.30-12.00   Scuola di Medicina [...]Read more

May News

Posted on May 31 by admin
Rita Levi Montalcini Award to Veronica De Rosa, a young researcher at the CNR IEOS in Naples The Rita Levi [...]Read more

AVVISO N. 05/2018

Posted on May 18 by admin
AVVISO N. 05/2018 PER IL CONFERIMENTO DI UN INCARICO DI COLLABORAZIONE Il CNR Istituto per l'Endocrinologia [...]Read more


  • Molecular endocrinology

    Our activities focus on the elucidation of the molecular bases responsible for the evolution toward this diabetes, mainly type 2 diabetes (T2D), its long-term complications and the associated co-morbidities. ...>>
  • Molecular oncology

    Several teams are involved in examining either the basic aspects of the regulation of cellular functions or the phenotypic alterations characterizing various cancer types, including thyroid, colorectal, breast, ovarian and lung cancers. ...>>
  • Immunology

    Le attività di ricerca presso l’IEOS sono suddivise in quattro aree principali: Endocrinologia, Oncologia, Immunologia e Patologia su base genetica, inclusi studi molecolari di base e di ricerca pre-clinica. ...>>

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