Giu 8, 2015 admin Seminari

Giugno 2015

alle 13:00
Edificio 19 (Torre Biologica) – I° piano, Aula Serafino Zappacosta
Via Sergio Pansini 5, Napoli

– Martedì 9 –

KCNQ2-related diseases: phenotypic spectrum, molecular pathogenesis,

and innovative therapeutics

Maurizio Taglialatela. University of Molise


– Martedì 16 –

Undiagnosed genetic diseases in the NGS era

Vincenzo Nigro. Second University of Naples (SUN) – Tigem, Naples


– Martedì 18 –

miRNA deregulation in AMLs: hints & tips for precision medicine

Lucia Altucci. Second University of Naples (SUN)


– Martedì 23 –

Colorectal cancer and epithelial-to- mesenchymal transition: from

molecular mechanisms to targeted therapy

Marina De Rosa. University of Naples Federico II


– Martedì 30 –

Role of Rhes in the striatal pathophysiology: implication for


Francesco Napolitano. University of Naples Federico II

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