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Oct 23, 2018 admin Notizie

The research article “Targeted imaging and inhibition of triple-negative breast cancer metastases by a PDGFRβ aptamer” published in Theranostics Journal is featured on the cover of the volume 8(18) 2018. Management of triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) is challenging because of its aggressive clinical behavior and the lack of targeted therapies. The research group of the Institute of Experimental Endocrinology and Oncology “G. Salvatore” (IEOS-CNR), led by Dr Cerchia, has demonstrated that the expression of PDGFRβ on tumor cells identifies a subgroup of mesenchymal tumors with aggressive and metastatic phenotype. Importantly, researchers also demonstrated in animal models the use of an RNA aptamer, targeting the PDGFRβ, as a high efficacious tool for imaging and suppression of TNBC lung metastases. This study will allow for the significant expansion of the current repertoire of strategies for managing patients with more aggressive TNBC. cover-theranostics-2018

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