Science outreach

    The Institute of Experimental Endocrinology and Oncology "G. Salvatore" promotes science outreach activities to raise public awareness of science and innovation and to bring young generation closer to the research.   Our activities include:   - attendance of scientific exhibitions and events addressed to the general public   - organization of specific initiatives targeted to schools, such as lectures, open labs,  hands-on experiments on cellular and molecular biology   The research outreach program for high school students offers not only valuable experience, but could also help the students to make a career choice. Within the session, students will be immersed in the research experience, giving them a “taste of life” at the bench. Using a project-based approach, the program progresses from a survey of basic lab techniques to the application of innovative cellular and molecular techniques. The Lectures provide a careful selection of the newest research results on biomedical science. The courses end with a research forum in which the students present the results of their experience.