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Anno 2021

D’Esposito, V., Ambrosio, M.R., Liguoro, D., Perruolo, G., Lecce, M., Cabaro, S., Aprile, M., Marino, A., Pilone, V., Forestieri, P., Miele, C., Bruzzese, D., Terracciano, D., Beguinot, F., Formisano, P.
In severe obesity, subcutaneous adipose tissue cell-derived cytokines are early markers of impaired glucose tolerance and are modulated by quercetin
(2021) International Journal of Obesity, .

Credendino, S.C., Moccia, C., Amendola, E., D’avino, G., Di Guida, L., Clery, E., Greco, A., Bellevicine, C., Brunetti, A., De Felice, M., De Vita, G.
Foxe1 gene dosage affects thyroid cancer histology and differentiation in vivo
(2021) International Journal of Molecular Sciences, .

Conza, D., Mirra, P., Calì, G., Insabato, L., Fiory, F., Beguinot, F., Ulianich, L.
Metformin Dysregulates the Unfolded Protein Response and the WNT/β-Catenin Pathway in Endometrial Cancer Cells through an AMPK-Independent Mechanism
(2021) Cells, .

Cimmino, G., Conte, S., Morello, A., Pellegrino, G., Marra, L., Calì, G., Golino, P., Cirillo, P.
Colchicine inhibits the prothrombotic effects of oxLDL in human endothelial cells
(2021) Vascular Pharmacology, .

Cimmino, G., Cirillo, P., Conte, S., Pellegrino, G., Barra, G., Maresca, L., Morello, A., Calì, G., Loffredo, F., de Palma, R., Arena, G., Sawamura, T., Ambrosio, G., Golino, P.
Oxidized low-density lipoproteins induce tissue factor expression in T-lymphocytes via activation of lectin-like oxidized low-density lipoprotein receptor-1
(2021) Cardiovascular Research, .

Caturano, V., Manti, B., Carbone, F., Lasorsa, V.A., Colicchio, R., Capasso, M., Leonardi, A., Matarese, G., Russo, T., Salvatore, P.
Estimating asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2 infections in a geographic area of low disease incidence
(2021) BMC Infectious Diseases, .

Carbone, F., Bruzzaniti, S., Fusco, C., Colamatteo, A., Micillo, T., De Candia, P., Bonacina, F., Norata, G.D., Matarese, G.
Metabolomics, lipidomics, and immunometabolism
(2021) Methods in Molecular Biology, .

Maggiotto, G., Miani, A., Rizzo, E., Castellone, M.D., Piscitelli, P.
Heat waves and adaptation strategies in a mediterranean urban context
(2021) Environmental Research, .

Allocca, C., Cirafici, A.M., Laukkanen, M.O., Castellone, M.D.
Serine 897 Phosphorylation of EPHA2 Is Involved in Signaling of Oncogenic ERK1/2 Drivers in Thyroid Cancer Cells
(2021) Thyroid, .

Esposito, C.L., Quintavalle, C., Ingenito, F., Rotoli, D., Roscigno, G., Nuzzo, S., Thomas, R., Catuogno, S., de Franciscis, V., Condorelli, G.
Identification of a novel RNA aptamer that selectively targets breast cancer exosomes
(2021) Molecular Therapy – Nucleic Acids, .

Catuogno, S., Esposito, C.L., Giangrande, P.H.
Stick-based methods for aptamer-mediated siRNA targeted delivery
(2021) Methods in Molecular Biology, .

Staibano, S., Ilardi, G., Leone, V., Luise, C., Merolla, F., Esposito, F., Morra, F., Siano, M., Franco, R., Fusco, A., Chieffi, P., Celetti, A.
Retraction Note: Critical role of CCDC6 in the neoplastic growth of testicular germ cell tumors (BMC Cancer, (2013), 13, 1, (433), 10.1186/1471-2407-13-433)
(2021) BMC Cancer, .

Poltronieri, P., Celetti, A., Palazzo, L.
Mono(ADP-ribosyl)ation Enzymes and NAD+ Metabolism: A Focus on Diseases and Therapeutic Perspectives
(2021) Cells, .

Mancinelli, S., Vitiello, M., Donnini, M., Mantile, F., Palma, G., Luciano, A., Arra, C., Cerchia, L., Liguori, G.L., Fedele, M.
The Transcription Regulator Patz1 Is Essential for Neural Stem Cell Maintenance and Proliferation
(2021) Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology, .

Palma, C., La Rocca, C., Gigantino, V., Aquino, G., Piccaro, G., Di Silvestre, D., Brambilla, F., Rossi, R., Bonacina, F., Lepore, M.T., Audano, M., Mitro, N., Botti, G., Bruzzaniti, S., Fusco, C., Procaccini, C., De Rosa, V., Galgani, M., Alviggi, C., Puca, A., Grassi, F., Rezzonico-Jost, T., Norata, G.D., Mauri, P., Netea, M.G., de Candia, P., Matarese, G.
Caloric Restriction Promotes Immunometabolic Reprogramming Leading to Protection from Tuberculosis
(2021) Cell Metabolism, .

Dell’Aversana, C., Cuomo, F., Longobardi, S., D’Hooghe, T., Caprio, F., Franci, G., Santonastaso, M., Colacurci, N., Barone, S., Pisaturo, V., Valerio, D., Altucci, L.
Age-related miRNome landscape of cumulus oophorus cells during controlled ovarian stimulation protocols in IVF cycles
(2021) Human reproduction (Oxford, England), .

De Martino, M., Chieffi, P., Esposito, F.
MiRNAs and biomarkers in testicular germ cell tumors: An update
(2021) International Journal of Molecular Sciences, .

Pellecchia, S., De Martino, M., Esposito, F., Quintavalle, C., Fusco, A., Pallante, P.
MPPED2 is downregulated in glioblastoma, and its restoration inhibits proliferation and increases the sensitivity to temozolomide of glioblastoma cells
(2021) Cell Cycle, .

Fedele, M.
Pituitary tumors: New insights into molecular features, diagnosis and therapeutic targeting
(2021) Cancers, .

Galgani, M., Bruzzaniti, S., La Rocca, C., Micillo, T., de Candia, P., Bifulco, M., Matarese, G.
Immunometabolism of regulatory T cells in cancer
(2021) Molecular Aspects of Medicine, .

Pagano, C., Navarra, G., Coppola, L., Bifulco, M., Laezza, C.
Molecular mechanism of cannabinoids in cancer progression
(2021) International Journal of Molecular Sciences, .

Proto, M.C., Fiore, D., Piscopo, C., Pagano, C., Galgani, M., Bruzzaniti, S., Laezza, C., Gazzerro, P., Bifulco, M.
Lipid homeostasis and mevalonate pathway in COVID-19: Basic concepts and potential therapeutic targets
(2021) Progress in Lipid Research, .

Castelli, V., Catanesi, M., Alfonsetti, M., Laezza, C., Lombardi, F., Cinque, B., Cifone, M.G., Ippoliti, R., Benedetti, E., Cimini, A., D’angelo, M.
Pparα-selective antagonist gw6471 inhibits cell growth in breast cancer stem cells inducing energy imbalance and metabolic stress
(2021) Biomedicines, .

Pagano, C., Navarra, G., Gazzerro, P., Vitale, M., Notarnicola, M., Caruso, M.G., Cavalcanti, E., Armentano, R., Laezza, C., Bifulco, M.
Association of alpha b-crystallin expression with tumor differentiation grade in colorectal cancer patients
(2021) Diagnostics, .

Fattore, L., Ruggiero, C.F., Liguoro, D., Castaldo, V., Catizone, A., Ciliberto, G., Mancini, R.
The Promise of Liquid Biopsy to Predict Response to Immunotherapy in Metastatic Melanoma
(2021) Frontiers in Oncology, .

Milone, M., Desiderio, A., Velotti, N., Manigrasso, M., Vertaldi, S., Bracale, U., D’Ambra, M., Servillo, G., De Simone, G., De Palma, F.D.E., Perruolo, G., Raciti, G.A., Miele, C., Beguinot, F., De Palma, G.D.
Surgical stress and metabolic response after totally laparoscopic right colectomy
(2021) Scientific Reports, .

Bianchini, G., Nigro, C., Sirico, A., Novelli, R., Prevenzano, I., Miele, C., Beguinot, F., Aramini, A.
A new synthetic dual agonist of GPR120/GPR40 induces GLP-1 secretion and improves glucose homeostasis in mice
(2021) Biomedicine and Pharmacotherapy, .

Mirra, P., Desiderio, A., Spinelli, R., Nigro, C., Longo, M., Parrillo, L., D’Esposito, V., Carissimo, A., Hedjazifar, S., Smith, U., Formisano, P., Miele, C., Raciti, G.A., Beguinot, F.
Adipocyte precursor cells from first degree relatives of type 2 diabetic patients feature changes in hsa-mir-23a-5p, -193a-5p, and -193b-5p and insulin-like growth factor 2 expression
(2021) FASEB Journal, .

Leone, A., Nigro, C., Nicolò, A., Prevenzano, I., Formisano, P., Beguinot, F., Miele, C.
The Dual-Role of Methylglyoxal in Tumor Progression – Novel Therapeutic Approaches
(2021) Frontiers in Oncology, .

Cossiga, V., Lembo, V., Nigro, C., Mirra, P., Miele, C., D’argenio, V., Leone, A., Mazzone, G., Veneruso, I., Guido, M., Beguinot, F., Caporaso, N., Morisco, F.
The combination of berberine, tocotrienols and coffee extracts improves metabolic profile and liver steatosis by the modulation of gut microbiota and hepatic mir‐122 and mir‐34a expression in mice
(2021) Nutrients, .

Suskiewicz, M.J., Palazzo, L., Hughes, R., Ahel, I.
Progress and outlook in studying the substrate specificities of PARPs and related enzymes
(2021) FEBS Journal, .

Witzigmann, D., Grossen, P., Quintavalle, C., Lanzafame, M., Schenk, S.H., Tran, X.-T., Englinger, B., Hauswirth, P., Grünig, D., van Schoonhoven, S., Krähenbühl, S., Terracciano, L.M., Berger, W., Piscuoglio, S., Quagliata, L., Rommelaere, J., Nüesch, J.P.F., Huwyler, J.
Non-viral gene delivery of the oncotoxic protein NS1 for treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma
(2021) Journal of Controlled Release, .

Roscigno, G., Quintavalle, C., Biondi-Zoccai, G., De Micco, F., Frati, G., Affinito, A., Nuzzo, S., Condorelli, G., Briguori, C.
Urinary Dickkopf-3 and Contrast-Associated Kidney Damage
(2021) Journal of the American College of Cardiology, .

Palma, F., Affinito, A., Nuzzo, S., Roscigno, G., Scognamiglio, I., Ingenito, F., Martinez, L., Franzese, M., Zanfardino, M., Soricelli, A., Fiorelli, A., Condorelli, G., Quintavalle, C.
miR-34c-3p targets CDK1 a synthetic lethality partner of KRAS in non-small cell lung cancer
(2021) Cancer Gene Therapy, .

Garofalo, M., Quintavalle, C., Di Leva, G., Zanca, C., Romano, G., Taccioli, C., Liu, C.G., Croce, C.M., Condorelli, G.
Correction: MicroRNA signatures of TRAIL resistance in human non-small cell lung cancer (Oncogene, (2008), 27, 27, (3845-3855), 10.1038/onc.2008.6)
(2021) Oncogene, .

Macchia, P.E., Nettore, I.C., Franchini, F., Santana-Viera, L., Ungaro, P.
Epigenetic regulation of adipogenesis by histone-modifying enzymes
(2021) Epigenomics, .