Year 1994

  Knudsen H, Olesen T, Riccio A, Ungaro P, Christensen L, Andreasen PA. A common response element mediates differential effects of phorbol esters and forskolin on type-1 plasminogen activator inhibitor gene expression in human breast carcinoma cells. ANDREONI, A 1,2; COLASANTI, A 3; KISSLINGER, A 1; MASTROCINQUE, M 1; RICCIO, P 3; ROBERTI, G 4 FLUOROMETRIC-DETERMINATION OF THE KINETICS OF ANTHRACYCLINES UPTAKE BY CELLS Ciardiello, F., Tortora, G., Bianco, C., Selvam, M.P., Basolo, F., Fontanini, G., Pacifico, F., Normanno, N., Brandt, R., Persico, M.G., Salomon, D.S., Bianco, A.R. Inhibition of CRIPTO expression and tumorigenicity in human colon cancer cells by antisense RNA and oligodeoxynucleotides Pedone PV, Cosma MP, Ungaro P, Colantuoni V, Bruni CB, Zarrilli R, Riccio A. Parental imprinting of rat insulin-like growth factor II gene promoters is coordinately regulated.